You may already know just how massive the universe is, stretching 93 billion light-years in diameter. But did you know that the power of the universe is also as large? Now that it’s not physical, it’s poorly understood. In a bid to understand it, humanity has called it nature, spiritual power, or many other different names across cultures and religions. But what remains constant is its effect on life. It determines the quality of life from happiness to misery, abundance to lack.
Here are some idea you can use spiritually and live a happy, fulfilling life. Simply put, these are the secrets of the universe.

Cosmic Energy

The power of the universe exists as cosmic energy. It spans the expanse of the universe to the edge beyond which humanity does not know of its existence. It is the bond between galaxies, planets, humans, and molecules. The cosmos is kept in order by this energy.
Essentially, it is the life force. You can prove this fact true by observing what happens at death. Although nothing physically leaves the body, nothing is the same again. At a spiritual level, your soul leaves the body to go back to the Creator, who is, in essence, the power of the universe.

How powerful is the Universe?

Perhaps a popular question is how powerful the universe is? You don’t need to look too far to answer this question. All you have to do is look around you. Some of the clear proofs of how powerful the universe includes:

1.Power to Heal

The universe is powerful enough to heal any living thing, including humans. To understand this aspect, you need to understand the history of medicine. It was largely a spiritual practice because physicians knew of the power that was beyond their understanding. Even after the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates dissociated it from religion; it still largely relied on the power of the universe. That is why the original Hippocratic Oath taken by doctors contained gods and goddesses.
In the modern oath taken by all doctors, there is recognition of God and the power beyond science. Another line in the oath states that sympathy, warmth, and understanding may outweigh a surgeon’s knife or a chemist’s drug. The sympathy, warmth, and understanding are simply cosmic energy flowing.

2. Communicating Power

As it is the bond between living things, planets, and galaxies, it allows for unimaginable levels of communication. Think about a time you started thinking about someone and then received their call around the same time or the same day? Our minds can communicate at a spiritual level over great distances. That’s how a wish that someone does something ends up being fulfilled without you saying anything.
The cosmic energy allows you to pick up messages from around you. Some call it a gut feeling, instinct, or vibe. It allows you to avoid danger. You can also send messages to the universe. In religion, we call it praying.

3. Power on Daily Life

Cosmic energy levels determine your daily life. There are those days you feel powered up, having that good feeling that you cannot place a finger on but are just happy. Sometimes you feel drained, and that’s because of low cosmic energy. The next time you feel bad or feel good without a cause, know it’s the power of the universe.

4. Achievement in Life

The power of the universe determines scientifically explainable things like luck and wisdom. Through it, two people might put in an equal effort at something but end up with one failing and the other being immensely successful. It goes beyond knowledge. Some say it’s the alignment of the stars however, I believe it is faith.
Using the Power of the Universe in a Spiritual Way .

Countless ways exist in which the universal power can be used spiritually. They include the following:

-) Stronger Faith
When you open your mind to see just how powerful the universe is, your level of belief shifts to a whole new level. You will begin realizing just how powerful the Creator is, and that will increase your faith. At this point, everything starts falling in place.

-) A More Fulfilling Life
Understanding the power of the universe and tapping into it allows you to live a more fulfilling life. You will find your inner peace and happiness. Beyond that, you will understand how to take actions in your life that stand the best chances of success. Your love life, career, and other aspects will improve tremendously.
-) Clarity in Communication
Tapping into the power of the universe allows you to still the noises within, and that lets you communicate clearly with the outside world. Your focus on the spiritual world becomes clear, and thus you have a spiritual awakening. You will be able to send and receive messages to the universe and heavens with ease. That is how the great spiritual leaders throughout history were able to speak to the UniversePower.

Fruitful Praying and Fasting
Many fast and pray, but a few get the benefits. Why is that? It all boils down to how connected to the power of the universe a person is during that time. Most people have their minds crowded by the struggles of daily life, bitterness, anger, frustration, and worries that they can barely communicate to the Creator during praying and fasting. When you tap into this power of the universe, you get the clarity of mind so that every word and action during the praying and fasting attracts results.

The Universe power is always beside us. Guiding each of us along with our Spiritual Intelligence. Here is your TRUE CALLING

So, Tell Thank You Universe, Thank you my spiritual intelligence for all the abundance surrounded by mine. Manifest as you THINK .

How to Tap into this Universe Power?

There are two ways you can tap into cosmic energy. Here is how you can do it more effectively for the best results:

-> Sleep
If you didn’t know, your body connects to the universe when you sleep via the pineal gland. That’s how cosmic energy flows into your body to enable you to carry out daily activities with ease. Sleep is unconscious meditation. You get in touch with the subconscious part of your mind, which is connected to the universe. That’s why your dreams are either things that are deep-seated in your subconscious mind or messages from the universe. However, the amount of cosmic energy you receive while sleeping is barely adequate.

-> Meditation
The sure way to tap into the power of the universe is through deep meditation.

Here is Mornig Meditation for Positive ,abundant Day .

Ideally speaking, meditation is conscious sleep. Once you get in the deep state, you spiritually hook up to the universe, and that is the gateway to a happy, fulfilling life.

Final Thoughts
There is a lot that is yet to be understood about the power of the universe, but what is already known is more than enough. The above secrets of the universe can help you live a better life. Unlike what you may have, though, it doesn’t conflict with religion at all. As you embark on this journey of discovery, you will realize that there is more to life than what you already knew.

Here is your TRUE CALLING

The Universe Power bless you all

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