Top 8 Best Free Website Traffic Generator Websites in 2021


It is driving over 200 million traffic every day and proudly serving over half a million users. You can start getting traffic literally within 10 minutes of signing up and activating your project. This is by far the most important factor of any traffic bot because end-of-the-day quality determines your destination. Traffic Bot is the most advanced Automated Website Traffic software that lets you effortlessly generate thousands and millions of daily visits to your website.

You can sign up, add your website for free and acquire 100 bonus points. You will have to assign some points to your listing as well. Visitors will get these points once they come to your site. Traffup users prefer visiting websites that offer more points. You will have to assign more points to receive a greater number of visitors and display your listing on top of search results. Your website will remain visible as long as your accounts have points. You can earn free points by visiting other sites or referring your friends to Traffup.

This website traffic generator offers advanced behavior settings so you are sure the bots you send will never be detected: you can configure the traffic to go on a webpage, click on a button, fill a form, etc. Moreover, you can choose the ratio of mobile/desktop visits, the country of origin (geotargeting from 190 countries), etc. And with only one plan you can configure an unlimited number of campaigns. It’s completely Adsense safe and the traffic is 100% guaranteed.

This is a website ranking tool that uses social media sites to enhance SEO and boost website traffic and primary sources such as tweets, likes, followers, subscribers, and blog posts. You can utilize LinkCollider as an SEO tool to boost website traffic and connect with actual people from different parts of the country.

5. is a community that is meant to boost more traffic to your site. This is a system to make your site more SEO-friendly. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines keep an eye on the total number of unique visits daily. The greater the number of views, which means that there are high chances that your page or status will be visible on search engines.


10KHits is the leading traffic exchange service that empowers thousands of webmasters with visitors to their websites. With 10KHits, users can receive hundreds of thousands of hits to their websites. Signing up is easy and does not require a credit card.

There’s no catch to it either, it’s 100% free to use! We do offer affordable account upgrades starting at $10/month which unlocks the white-label traffic and geo-targeting features + more. We also offer booster packs starting at $7/month for 50,000 extra points and $4/month for 10 extra URL slots. 10KHits is the de facto standard traffic exchange for webmasters, small business owners, and traffic resellers who want scalable and on-demand results for their websites and clients. 10KHits has everything you need to keep you and your clients happy.

7. www.simpletraffic

Boost your website with real visitors. Just choose your target demographics to get started. Increase your conversions and engagement with targeted traffic forwarded to your website. Affiliates Popular Choice. Used By Expert Marketers worldwide daily.

TraffBoost (Traffic Booster) Get Free Traffic to Any Website or Blog in a minute! Traffic Boost is one of the best communities to generating more and move live traffic (real traffic or manual traffic) on your website from all around the world.

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I am a Web Developer, Website Researcher, Cyber Security Enthusiast, You-tuber and Nature lover

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Ritwij Ritham Solutions

I am a Web Developer, Website Researcher, Cyber Security Enthusiast, You-tuber and Nature lover